Nurasyl Serik, CEO, RemofirstNurasyl Serik, CEO
Remote work is here to stay, and the onus is on organizations to embrace the new work culture. In the current global employment landscape, where attrition rates are profound, work-from-anywhere policies empower companies to considerably reduce their turnover rates and achieve other goals like diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).

However, firms face many challenges when hiring global talent, such as the huge cost associated with setting up remote entities or ensuring compliance with the employment laws of various countries. This is where Remofirst aids organizations with its cost-efficient employer of record (EOR) services. Leaning on its extensive network that spans 150 countries, Remofirst enables startups and Fortune 500 companies alike to hire employees from anywhere in the world.

Remofirst’s all-in-one easy-touse HRIS platform has all the tools an organization needs to hire and manage a global team

Remofirst’s all-in-one easy-to-use HRIS platform has all the tools an organization needs to hire and manage a global team. As a Global EOR, Remofirst employs full-time and contract employees, provides payroll and invoice management, extends benefits management like health insurance and bonuses, and delivers end-to-end employer support. Remofirst has automated processes with its HRIS platform so that companies can hire, onboard, and manage their remote employees in a few clicks.

“Remofirst enables organizations to hire as well as onboard remote employees within a day by automating and simplifying the process. We believe in freedom of work and our mission is to support the acceleration of remote work worldwide,” says Nurasyl Serik, co-founder and CEO of Remofirst.

Once the client sources a remote employee and passes on the candidate details, Remofirst wields its expertise. It helps clients simulate costs when hiring from different countries, including calculating employer taxes, contributions, and payments.
For instance, if a client wants to onboard an employee from Singapore, Remofirst gives the client a complete economic picture of hiring that employee. It also provides comprehensive details regarding employer taxes, benefit contributions, and net and gross payments associated with hiring the employee. Remofirst also helps the client understand the economic viability of hiring in different countries.

After the client approves the employment package, onboarding and administration are seamless since the Remofirst team takes care of everything on behalf of the client. Remofirst drafts an employment contract that is compliant with the local government laws. The team checks the employee’s documents and IDs, ensuring they have work authorization in that country. Once the contract is activated, the company takes all the necessary steps to onboard the employee to its internal accounting system and shares necessary information with the government.
  • Remofirst enables organizations to hire as well as onboard remote employees within a day by automating and simplifying the process

On top of that, Remofirst provides employee benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, pension schemes, and allowances. The company acts as an extended HR arm. If the client opts to, Remofirst can also help with visa sponsorships and relocation of employees.

How Remofirst helps clients recruit remote employees is best reflected in a recent client success story. A client had selected an employee in Vietnam and wanted to understand every minute detail regarding the employment contract, including the intricacies involved in its termination. The Remofirst team helped the employer comprehend the employment rules of Vietnam and eased their fears of hiring the employee. Similarly, Remofirst assists numerous clients today in hiring remote employees by helping them wade through the ever-changing compliance and regulation landscapes of different countries.

Going above and beyond, Remofirst aids organizations in meeting all their remote employee requirements, including equipment provisioning around the world. Complementing such flexible, cost-efficient services with excellent client support, Remofirst empowers its global clientele to hire talent without the hindrance of geographical boundaries while ensuring that job seekers can pursue opportunities regardless of location.