Hidenori Ito, CFO, Innovare GroupHidenori Ito, CFO
Innovare Group (innovare-group.com) is a leading workforce management company headquartered in Singapore, set up since 2001 (Parent Company is Crops Corporation which is a JAPANESE Listed Company), providing services across APAC. The Company provides support for contractors, recruiters, and clients in the process of moving talents around the world, assisting them with smooth relocation transitions. Its services include being the employer of record, providing immigration advice, work permit services, payroll administration, risk mitigation, and consolidated billing. Innovare, through its directly owned entities in various countries in APAC together with its extensive network of partners, the Company has also expanded its service to several countries in Africa and Middle East as well.

One of the primary services Innovare offers its clients is compliance risk management. “Our services have made us the legal sponsor of individuals who seek project-based jobs in any part of the APAC region,” says Hidenori Ito, Chief Financial Officer of Innovare.

To achieve the same, contractors working for these clients have to be compliant in payroll administration, preparation of tax returns, law, and social security payments. In addition, they also need to be well-versed in the numerous, complex regulations in APAC countries. Innovare assists contractors and clients in being compliant and provide “on the ground” advice with two decades of experiences in the field, which is rare to come by among most market players. The team also provides hospitality services such as assistance in accommodation search and group insurance in most countries.

Localization such as language barriers and being compliant are filled with complicated challenges that workforce management companies face when bringing foreign talent to APAC countries. Innovare tackles this challenge by having specialized teams to serve different jurisdictions in the region and are well-versed in many local languages with updated information on respective regulations.

This is crucial since speaking the regional languages and having our own presence in many countries helps the firm promptly gather accurate information about regulations in each jurisdiction since change is the only stable factor in APAC. The information is then translated into English to identify and customize requirements based on client’s needs.

Where Innovare does not have own presence in a country, the Company works closely with carefully selected local partners to ensure that their solutions are compliant with local laws and regulations. Our solutions provide a compliance firewall protecting client from compliance risk associated with engaging both fixed term and long-term contract workers, leaving client /recruiters to focus on their core competencies.

Crops Corporation has long term plan to expand Innovare further via various channels including acquisition of companies and hire professionals to manage compliance matters, opening up the Japanese market to clients etc.
  • Our services have made us the legal sponsor of individuals who seek project-based jobs in any part of the APAC region

For example, in Japan, our Employees received comprehensive training on procedures for immigration, work visa permits, and how to connect with various authorities. This creates a solid relationship between the recruitment agencies and Clients who need to outsource foreign candidates to work in Japan as well as looking for local talents within the country. It has also increased the number of candidates who look for employment opportunities in Japan. The same strategy has been implemented in over 15 Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and has garnered excellent results. With strong fundamental support from Parent Company, Crops Corporation. Innovare will keep looking at opportunity to commit “Localization” throughout Asia Pacific. Another unique feature about Innovare is “Customization” We position our Company as a “consultancy” cum management company. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” solution but will instead tailor make the most cost effective yet compliant solution to our customers.

‘It’s about people’ is the corporate statement founder, Harry Loh, created for the company. The firm not only cares about the contractors working in different countries, but it also focuses on its internal team. By adopting this ideology, Innovare has successfully retained most of its staff for more than 10 years and has completely integrated this motto into its culture, enable Innovare provide best qualified service to our customers (Client / Recruiter / Contractor) with long term relationship.