Wayfair has created a culture where every employee is seen, valued, and feels invited to contribute to a thriving community. Our North American Customer Service Employee Experience team does this by implementing thoughtful recognition programs, placing importance on employee-centered events, and developing a personalized experience from day one. Our communications strategy also speaks to the importance of our employees being thoughtful, personalized, and diverse to ensure we're promoting our experiences with just the right touch.

 We continually engage with our employees to grow their commitment to the organization, increase collaboration, and ultimately build the infrastructure for them to feel supported and valued at work all while recognizing their efforts.

 Building the Best Team through Recognition

At Wayfair, we recognize that appreciation of our employees is a priority and not only encourages employees to perform better, but curates a positive work culture, and allows us to focus on performance and innovation. Wayfair's NA Customer Service Employee Experience team developed best-in-class recognition programs for our 3,000+ customer service managers and employees/agents.

NA Customer Service has developed a wide variety of recognition programs that celebrate our employees for varying topics: Wayfair's People Principles, Customer Satisfaction, Metrics Achievement, and overall exceptional service to our customers.

To elevate all of our award programs, we've developed a personalized experience by leveraging technology. Winners of our programs receive a direct acknowledgement from leaders, celebrations across the organization through team meetings, a formal certificate, and the ability to select a prize that they actually desire and prefer. To further elevate our recognition programs for a personalized experience, our winners access a portal specifically designed for their award, selecting their prize from a curated catalogue of items, and oftentimes a personalized trophy.

Develop a Holistic Employee Experience

In addition to our highly effective recognition programs, we've built a holistic employee experience for our customer service managers and call center agents. It's important to us that this experience earmarks our focus to building a strong connection - not only to the organization and its customers, but to each other. Our team is composed of virtual and on-premise employees across the United States with managers that support these initiatives and we want to ensure that we support this hybrid population.

“At Wayfair, we recognize that appreciation of our employees is a priority and not only encourages employees to perform better, but curates a positive work culture, and allows us to focus on performance and innovation.”

On a daily basis, our employees are customer focused, and without them, we wouldn't embody a world-class service organization, so it is only fair to recognize them for their daily contributions. Our Employee Experience Team has developed an in-depth engagement model that aims to connect with our employees from the moment they join us and each day after.

 Large or small, we create engaging activities that our employees want to participate in and provide them opportunities to log off and engage with their peers. Our teams constantly look forward to the larger-than-life experiences that have become staples for Customer Service: Manager Appreciation Week, Customer Service Appreciation Week, and seasonal celebrations throughout the year. And who doesn't love a theme? We thrive on the opportunity to go above and beyond in building activities that our employees will love and create lasting memories with.

 As a strategic leader with over 15 years in the employee experience space, Angela Spence works to empower her team to collaborate, innovate, and provide relentless customer focus in an ever-changing environment. As the lead of Wayfair's NA Employee Experience team, she manages employee engagement, internal and change communications, knowledge management, and employee experience analytics. Helping to drive the team's vision in the power of connecting the customer and employee experience to deliver results is Kristin Hayes, who has 10 years of experience cultivating and communicating engagement opportunities to her audiences.

Our Employee Experience team is dedicated to developing network-wide engagement opportunities by creating intentional, inclusive workplace experiences that further connect our employees to one another, Wayfair, and the community. While delivering an exceptional customer experience drives everything we do, we are committed to investing in our employees and building the best team. After all, our employees are our most valued internal customers within the organization.